Tracer Mounts

Tracer Mounts

We are board sport addicted people with a passion for film and photography. Our mission is to bring you sensational action cam mounts to capture your extreme sports. New angles, more stability and an ergonomic and well conceived design.


Record professional aerial footage by using your own kite! Fly where drones could never fly and share above water footage from and with your friends. Shoot stable video footage and aerial photos with ease. Get your kite closer for immersive action shots! Or capture yourself and your surroundings from the sky, with ultimate stability and camera aiming options.

The Sky Mount fits firmly around the leading edge of any regular kite, using the included Tracer Anykite System. Mount 1 or 2 action cameras of any brand. Point in the flying direction of your kite for a “drone view”, or aim at yourself.

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